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In this episode, Krystal and Elsie dig into why you might (or might not) want to consider using Google HOA, how to put on a Google HOA and market it, and then how to pull down your video after the show and convert everything over to audio for your RSS feed.


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Krystal and Elsie go deep into iTunes search, the MYTHS of New & Noteworthy, SEO and how your website can help your podcast get discovered, and stats.

Did we mention stats?


Set some time aside for this one folks, it ran way over, nearly two hours. Hour one is all search and seo, hour two is seo wrapup and stats.

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Elsie and Krystal take an hour to talk a little about the new Libsyn Podcast Blog Page, and a lot about how to use social media to help promote your show and individual episodes, and being a good social media citizen.

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Rob Walsh joins Elsie and Krystal for a stacked episode covering topics from iTunes quirks to Facebook timeline players to Libsyn Pro walkthroughs.

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In this episode of Libsyn Live, Krystal walks podcasters through the ins and outs of podcasting 100% from an iPad or an iPhone.

Walkthroughs include using USB mic's with an iPad or iPhone, as well as working with the apps Twisted Wave ($9.99 from the app store), Auphonic (Free from the app store), and Bossjock ($9.99 from the app store).

Krystal also discusses recording skype calls by using two iDevices and a Recap.

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All about getting started with Libsyn. Who are we, how to pick an account, how to setup your show, and how to submit to iTunes plus questions from the live audience.

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In this installment of Libsyn Live, Krystal and Elsie walk podcasters through some of the benefits of having their own show app in iOS, as well as:


--How to generate the proper artwork needed for the app

--How to prepare your show for the app, even if you aren't signing up right now

--What the new iOS standalone app looks like

--Signing up for the iOS Developer Account

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In thsi installment of Libsyn Live, Krystal and Elsie tackle the oh so rarely covered topic of podcasting and Android. We cover everything you need to know from compatible microphones to recording apps, editing and publishing, and podcast consumption.

The video version of the episode shows all the app walkthroughs on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.


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In Libsyn Live #4, Krystal and Elsie take questions from social media and live via Google Hangouts and roll through them with live walk throughs and other shenanigans.


Question #1: When will the (Libsyn 3 --> 4 transition assistant) officially go away?

Question #2: How do I reissue an old episode as a new, 'Best Of' type episode?

Question #3: Are there any tips for mobile podcasting?

Discussion: What is FTP? Why would you want to use FTP? How does one get started to FTP?

Question #4: In regards to FTP, I have a question about using the Quickcast folder. When Quickcast pulls the description for your episode from the ID3 tags, it seems like it only pulls a certain number of characters. How many characters does it pull? The first 250?

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Show Notes

Episode 3 of Libsyn Live covers two major topics.

The MLB and Copyright/Trademark Infringement

There was a ruckus caused across the podcasting community as show after show was taken down or warned for running a podcast based on the MLB or one of the MLB's clubs. The reason? Copyright and trademark infringements.

Moral of the story, don't use anyone elses content, images, or copyright material, including material in the likeness of. If you are hosting a show specific to a club (this is true whether it is Baseball, or any other topic), make sure to say 'Unofficial' in your titles, descriptions, and even when you speak during your show.

Everything You Want to Know about RSS Feeds

Question #1: What, exactly, is an RSS feed?

Question #2: What does it mean to have a 'valid' feed?

Question #3: Do I have to code a feed myself, or are there services available that will do this for me?

Question #4: What about the Google Service, Feedburner? How does it work and why should or shouldn't I use it?

Question #5: I run a CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla, or Drupal. My CMS automatically generates my RSS feeds from my posts. Can I just use that?

Question #6: If I use a podcast host, they probably generate a feed for me. Should I use that feed? Are there questions I should ask before determining if I should use them as a host or to handle my feed as well?

Question #7: I heard some producers say they host their files with Libsyn, but recommend not using Libsyn's feed. Why is that?

Question #8: I've heard there are some really popular Wordpress plugins that will handle my feed and podcasting needs for me. Is there any reason why I shouldn't just use that?

Question #9: If I am using a plugin in Wordpress, how do I switch to using my Libsyn feed?

Question #10: Are you then recommending that the only true way to have a great podcast is to only use LIbsyn for every service (Feed, hosting, stats, blog, player)?

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